Developed on the Blockchain

Smart contract Secured transactions

Decentralized Application – DApp

Crypto Currency



Crypto Wallet

Store your Crypto Currency and Alt Coins or ERC20 Tokens all in one place with single access and multiple options to utilize

Multi-Currency Wallet

Store your fiat currencies in the fiat section of this wallet and easy access to convert into crypto or simply utilize on the wallet or the ecommerce platform

Earn Tokens

A gamified earn mechanism to collect the KartBlock Tokens, store them in the wallet and utilize the tokens through the wallet or on the ecommerce platform


A gamified earn mechanism to collect the KartBlock Tokens, store them in the wallet and utilize the tokens through the wallet or on the ecommerce platform

Debit Cards

A multi utility wallet with Debit card function to use the stored assets on the wallet through this electronic medium

Recharge and Mobile Top-ups

Use the Wallet assets crypto or fiat to recharge mobile top-ups in almost 97 countries, send recharge and credits to friends and family

Gift Cards & Loyalty Rewards

Buy available gift cards from merchants across the globe and gift them to your friends and family, also enrol in the decentralized loyalty and rewards program and benefit globally.

Sports and Event Tickets

Buy tickets to your favourite sporting events and family events using the wallet, this enables you to use the crypto or fiat stored in the wallet

2FA and biometric security

Securely logon into the App with Biometric verification and securely transact using the 2FA

Smart Contract enabled transaction

Transactions will be secured via smart contract given an authentic and validation, completely safe and Secure

Blockchain development

The Dapp is developed using the block chain development thus giving more robust architecture to the Wallet


All users registered with full KYC and AML compliant process

How it works?

KartBlock Digital wallet functions as payment processor and will be available for acceptance of payments on various platforms. The wallet can be used to make purchases from the ecommerce platform ( There are host of products and services available on the wallet for transactions.

  • 1 Store crypto and fiat currencies
  • 2 API ready for Integration
  • 3 Transaction History and Records
  • 4 Earn KBT Tokens
  • 5 Recharge Mobile Top-ups
  • 6 2FA and Biometric Secured

KartBlock Wallet

KartBlock B2B2C strategy is to be the blockchain technology partner for existing ecommerce businesses of all sizes, enabling business with blockchain infrastructure to create, launch, and manage their own token economy and provide them with decentralized data storage infrastructure. The aim to make this very low entry barrier and very user friendly for any company through the KartBlock wallet and blockchain API’s.

This helps KartBlock to sell product to existing ecommerce business, gaining their customers data from the business that we get to use. And where, most importantly, customers of become untethered from the middle ecommerce companies and at some point, they recognize that KartBlock is the product they use.

KartBlock Wallet features for Ecommerce Business:

  • Management Dashboard: Control panel, graphs, trends, monitor your token economy, supply/demand, top users.
  • APIs for Decentralized Data-storage Infrastructure and tokenization.
  • Enabling companies to collect commissions for token transactions.
  • User setup, in dashboard and via APIs.
  • Airdrop Tokens to selected users.
  • Reporting &Analytics.
  • Developer console.
  • Developer APIs.

Benefits to E-commerce companies for using KartBlock Blockchain Infrastructure and Tokenizing solution versus ‘rolling your own’

Cost Savings

No in-house blockchain development team needed (there still are very few across the globe as it stands currently); So, no overhead costs in that respect.

Easy toUse

Sheer user-friendly ness for businesses; So business can focus what they are good at and KartBlock provides the Blockchain tech to enable companies to tokenize and support their Token Economy


Any company of any size and budget can join in due to the “pay as your grow” system; you just start with what you need and, like AWS.

Adaptive Plugin

Our API’s will be adaptive according to business needs, so the KartBlock platform ensures that it meets businesses unique needs.

Add Money

Get your wallet toped up using multiple payment gateways for fiat currencies and use ETH wallet address to store your erc20 tokens or any other crypto currency.

Use the Debit Card to compete outward transactions from the wallet using the fiat section.

Get The App Now !

The Android version of the KartBlock Wallet is available for download on the Google Play store. You can download the App create your crypto wallet and start collecting your KBT before every one.

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